I received your e-mail and will plan
to attend the 60th Birthday Party.  
For your information, Donna
Shaw's 60th Birthday is on August
2 and I think she will attend.
See you August 1,

Brenda Wilkinson Butts

would not miss it for the
world.....count me in...
ron henderson
Sorry I won't be able to attend.  I'm actually
retiring the next week.  After August 3rd, my
email address will be
Thanks  Frank

Frank Dawkins
EPA - Suspension & Debarment Div.
1200 Pennsylvania AV., N.W. (3902R)
Washington, D.C. 20460
202-565-2472 (FAX)
Yes, Tom and Lynda McPherson
will attend.
We are at the delicious/auspicioius
stage of entering our 60s. I'm glad
there's quite a few of us still
around. I'd love to come, but can't
commit at this time.
Say hi to the planning crew and
stay well
Benette (Harrison) Sherman
Received (email) and hope to be

Dani Simpson Ferguson
yes (we will be there.)

Phil Cotten
Yes (planning to be there),

Larry Huffman
I won't be able to make the August 1 soirée, but
will be thinking of all of you.

Glenda Madden
What a great idea!  Sounds like a lot of fun and
a good way to get through this landmark year
(with lots of support).  I plan on being there.

Thanks for letting me know,
Mary Jo (Finchum) Giffert
Thank you for the invitation.  I
currently live in Maryland, where I
am Charge RN for the 3-11 shift,
and am unable to get off.  
Otherwise, I would love to attend.  
If there are any pictures, please
send them to me.

Kathy Strickland Milner
We'll be there:

Bill Hickman
Lissa Wohltmann
Yes, I will be there!

Jenny Reed Crawford
Sounds like a great idea.   I'll be there - Thanks
for the invitation.    Looking fwd to the gathering.

Gil Ditzler   
Phil Cotten forwarded this to me. It sounds like
fun. I'd like to come. I don't think you have my
current e-mail, but NOW you do.

Thanks, Jane (Glenn) Cannon

P.S. I don't turn 60 until October so it will be my
last summer in my 50s. Sigh.
TO SEE ALL YOU OTHER  " 60's "  -

Not sure that I will be able to make the birthday
party, but will try.  I just had my 59th birthday this
month.  But I will certainly try to be there to
celebrate all the others!

Hope all is well with you.  Our triplets graduated
from college this past year...all three
together...momma's goal for them as they head
out into the big world!  Each graduated  with 3.0+
gpa and one graduated cum laude (the girl), and
all have jobs - one as claims adjuster for
Progressive Insurance, one as manager of the
publishing/duplicating department at Georgetown
College, and the girl is in grad school and doing
an internship as well.  We are very fortunate!  Our
other two sons are doing fine too along with their
families and our 4 grandsons!

Take care.  Keep me posted on events!

Karen Kramer Brown
Sounds great! I’ll be there.

Donna Shaw
I plan on being there and seeing
everyone.  The last reunion I
attended was with four young ones
in tow......only Sarah is still at home
and she is 16 now.  I'm looking
forward to seeing everyone.  

Kathy (Hughes) Clark
Thanks for the invite and the
reminder that "60" is fast
approaching!! ugh... As far as I
know,  at this date, I am planning
on attending with my spouse,

Linda Woodrow Nicholson
I would love to attend but that is the month that my husband
and I are moving to our "retirement" home on Cedar Creek
Lake, near Dallas.

Candy Chandler Hart
I'll try to make this reunion/birthday
party.  Keep me posted.

Alma Taylor
Hi Everyone,

It is great to hear from all of you.  I’m glad you found me.  I
will not be able to join you on Aug. 1st, but wish I could. Have
fun! I hope to see you soon.

Warmest Regards,

Erin (Donahue) Mathews
I did receive the email about our
60th birthday party and that
sounds great, the party of course,
not the age! My husband Steve
and I are hoping to attend.

Carol Webb Young
Mike Lema and I will be there.

I have the 5th and 6th grade pictures from Washington
Grade School that I will get to you.

Roberta (Thorstenberg) Cordes
name = Patricia (Oviatt) Minnigh
email = PatMinn@verizon.net

comments = I wish I could attend,
but I live in Maryland, also, and
won't be able to come.  I would
love an update on everyone and I
will raise a toast to everyone there
as we all celebrate '60'! :o
My wife Linda and I would like to attend. Looking forward to
seeing everyone again. Let me know if you need any
additional information.

Matt & Linda Bradshaw
22007 Shortfin Mako Ct
Katy, TX 77449
Thanks for the invitation. Phyllis
and I will be attending.

Randall C. Pruett
10260 Banner Oaks Lane
Lexington, OK 73051
Count  us both in.
Cell phones only -- no home phone
PLEASE update to (405)650-7416 for Rodger Shell
and (405)650-0875 for Lynda Parman Shell.
We're both May BD people... but 60 is WORTH celebrating.
We're retiring and moving back to Norman in May.
Tracey Veal has been our realtor; we signed
papers today.  CELEBRATIONS will be easier very soon.
What fun!  Linda Nichols forwarded
the invitation to me. I'd love to be
there and have put it on my

We're back in Norman after 18
years.  My mailing address is 3533
Brookford Drive, 73072 and
telephone is 405-579-8117.  Let me
know if I can do anything to help.

Jona Low Steed
name = Rita Stewart Brooks
email = gcbrooks@sbcglobal.net
phone = 405-364-0592
comments = We (Gary and I) are looking forward to
coming.  I can't commit yet but will check calendar to make
sure we are free for the date.

See you there,

Bill Lewis
name = nancy lamirand wakely
email = wakely11@swbell.net
phone = (405) 360-9676
comments = Good grief!  When did
we turn 60?  Seems like just
yesterday I was buying my first
bell-bottoms and a tube of Tangee
lipstick.  See you on August 1st.
My name is Victoria, I am the daughter of Janice
Piwowarek (Grayson).  My Dad received the invitation to
the Class of '67 get together, and I wanted to email to
inform the class that my Mother passed away in July of

She always had such fond memories of high school!  We
would often sit and look through her year books and she
would tell me many stories of her high school years.  She
loved to say that I am a lot like her!  Please inform the
class of her passing, and we appreciate the invitation.


Victoria Douthitt
name = Keary Kincannon
email = kkincannon@risinghopeumc.org
phone = 703-780-0464
comments = Just got your mailing on Class of 67 Birthday
Party.  I'll do my best to make it.  I have a big fundraiser
for my ministry the night before.  I pastor a church in
Alexandria VA where 2/3 of my members have been or are

I was looking through the pictures on the NHS67 website.
How come Steve Hobbs still looks the same?
[editor's note:  he's probably looking at old pictures...]

I can be reached at:
Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church 8220
Russell Road Alexandria, VA 22309
name = Sonny Burkhart
email = skihaustvl@sbcglobal.net
phone = 405-816-7472
comments = Count me in.
What a long strange trip its been!
name = Marles (Long) Bradley
email = marlesbradley@yahoo.com
phone = (405) 760-5795
comments = I will be travelling to
Italy and China during June and
July, but look forward to seeing
everyone in August back in
"normal" Norman!
name = Susan Oliver Sipe
email = susansipe4@yahoo.com
phone = 214-202-8786

comments = A birthday party for us!
 What fun!  I spent a year mentally
preparing for my big birthday in
April.  Turns out I don't feel a day
over 40!  I visit Norman frequently
as all my Oliver family is there.  But
I have a gig (organist for a
wedding) on August 1 in Dallas and
can't attend our party.  Hope to see
pictures of all my happy
name = Linda(Roley)Springs
email = littledream859@hotmail.com

phone = 405-740-4337
comments = Hi guys the 60th
birthday reunion is a great idea. I
haven't even been to a class
reunion but,I seen all the fun
pictures decided it could be fun at
the 60th birthday party. Patti
(Hurt)Mayes and I will be attending
together she is like me, never
attended a reunion either. We
can't wait for the party to begin.
See you at the party.    
Hey Class! I got the invitation and
plan to be there. Will send the
check in this week.

Frank Clark  (Ben)
name = Suzi Smith Brown
email = susansb13@comcast.net
phone = 713 392 5528
comments = Hi to all. I am planning
on joining in for the 60th birthday
celebration. Look forward to
another great time and chance to
reconnect.  Suzi
name = Jamae (Hogland) Evans
email = jamae2@cox.net
phone = 405-364-7542
comments = Would love to come to
the birthday party.  I turned 60 on
January 3, 2009.  That will make me
one of the oldest ones there.  
Looking forward to seeing
name = Mary Rose Walsh Register
email = mrregister@comcast.net
phone = 210-289-8068
comments = See you there for our